Booth map of Whitechapel

Map of Whitechapel from Charles Booth's Labour and Life of the People. Volume 1: East London (London: Macmillan, 1889). The streets are colored to represent the economic class of the residents: Yellow (“Upper-middle and Upper classes, Wealthy”), red ("Lower middle class - Well-to-do middle class"), pink ("Fairly comfortable good ordinary earnings"), blue ("Intermittent or casual … Continue reading Booth map of Whitechapel

London Parishes

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Queenhithe Ward London

Queenhithe (Ward of). One of the 26 wards of London; so called from the old part of London of the same name. General Boundaries. – N., Old Fish-street and Trinity-lane; S., The Thames; E., Bull-Wharf-lane; W., Paul’s Wharf, part of St. Peter’s-hill, and the upper end of Lambert-hill. Stow enumerates seven parish churches in this … Continue reading Queenhithe Ward London

Walbrook Ward London

Walbrook Ward. One of the 26 wards of London, and so called from the brook by the City wall. Stow enumerates five churches in this ward:- St. Swithin-by-London-Stone; St. Mary Woolchurch; St. Stephen’s, Walbrook; St. John-upon-Walbrook; St. Mary Bothaw. Two alone were rebuilt after the Great Fire – St. Swithin’s, London Stone, and St. Stephen’s, … Continue reading Walbrook Ward London

Lime Street Ward London

Lime Street (Ward of). One of the 26 wards of London, and the only ward in London without a church of its own. It had originally two, St. Mary-at-the-Axe, and St. Augustine-in-the-Wall. Leadenhall-market is the principal feature in this ward. [See Lime Street.] Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by … Continue reading Lime Street Ward London

Aldgate Ward London

Aldgate (Ward of). One of the 26 wards of London, and so called from Aldgate, a gate or postern in the City wall towards the east. General Boundaries. – Bevis Marks and Duke’s Place: Crutched Friars: the Minorities: St. Mary Axe and Lime-street. Before the Reformation the main feature in the ward was the Priory … Continue reading Aldgate Ward London

Aldersgate Ward London

Aldersgate (Ward of). One of the 26 wards of London, and so called from the old City gate of the same name which shod across the high road between Bull-and-Mouth-street and Little Britain. This ward was divided into two distinct portions – Aldersgate Within and Aldersgate Without. Thus, St. Martin’s-le-Grand lies within the gate, and … Continue reading Aldersgate Ward London